By Raila Odinga, ODM Party leader.

In recent days, following our pressure on the Jubilee administration to take firm and convincing action on runaway corruption, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have responded with usual anger and attempt to spread the blame, the most ridiculous of which has been asking ODM to fight corruption in its counties.

This ridiculous position has been followed this weekend by appeals by Deputy President William Ruto for corrupt people to be sent to jail. The buck-passing on corruption is being championed by suspects of the same vice in the Jubilee administration.

These only furthers the admission that the Jubilee Administration has given up and has lost the plot on fighting corruption and is now looking for ways to make it look normal.

Just when everyone is looking up to the government to contain and eradicate corruption, the government itself appears to be waiting for someone else to deal with the issue. Jubilee is appealing to an unknown power to jail the corrupt.

The attempt to spread the corruption blame to CORD leadership is nonsense as the CORD leadership has no control over the investigative and prosecutorial agencies. With all the power of manipulation that we have seen Jubilee exercise over these agencies, how come they are not taking any action against the alleged corrupt people in CORD? What stops Jubilee from presenting evidence and arresting CORD leaders engaged in corruption?

If Jubilee has any evidence of corruption, then they should place it before these agencies and get it acted on, not stand on political platforms lamenting like ordinary powerless citizens.

The government has at its disposal all the investigative and prosecutorial agencies and should not therefor be lamenting as if it is a member of the civil society.

It gets more ridiculous when the people lamenting and promising action are themselves suspects in numerous corruption scandals in Kenya.

Indeed, what we have seen instead are very clear actions to manipulate these investigative and prosecutorial agencies to bend to the whims of the Government in the war on graft.

The case of the NYS clearly demonstrates the manipulation and the game of favorites Jubilee is playing with corruption while accusing the Opposition of doing nothing.

As the government claims to be finally cracking open the case, the silence on Ms. Anne Waiguru, the former CS at the centre of this scam is loud.

Equally loud is the silence on aides and associates of the Deputy President who have been linked to the NYS scam by evidence indicating they received money from the other suspects in the scam.

The protection Ms. Waiguru is enjoying clearly demonstrates that the NYS scam is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s scam and its chief architect Anne Waiguru is his protectorate.

Kenyans ought to be reminded that right from the start, President Uhuru Kenyatta issued statements from State House declaring Ms. Waiguru clean even before any investigations were done.

The President went ahead to mobilize the URP wing of the coalition to in a bid to have full government support for Ms. Ann Waiguru.

That worked until Ms. Waiguru began selectively releasing dossiers implicating the URP brigade led by William Ruto in the NYS scandal and protecting the TNA brigade that is also implicated in the scandal.

Today Ms. Waiguru remains protected from prosecution despite the many calls from even the Deputy President for her to be charged.

Everyone at the Ministry of Devolution and the National Youth Service whose name has ever been mentioned in the scandal has been charged, all expect Waiguru.

The only logical explanation for this selective prosecution is that Ms. Waiguru is a “Kenyatta protectorate” whom the president is keen to retain even at the expense of coalition partners URP.

URP should seek their answers about Waiguru from Uhuru and leave CORD out of it. The Jubilee administration must collectively realize it is in charge of the country and solely bears responsibility for fighting all vices crippling that nation, including corruption, unless it has surrendered this role to Opposition.