An ambitious initiative by the Kitui county government to end the cycle of hunger and drought was on Thursday endorsed by MCAs.

Deputy speaker Titus Mbiti Ndemwa praised the Sh2 billion project involving building 2,400 sand dams. Each of the 40 wards will get at least 40 sand dams.

The leaders spoke during a meeting between MCAs and the executive at a Mombasa hotel.

It ended yesterday. They were reacting to a presentation on the mapping of the sites for the sand dams.

Nominated MCA Catherine Kasimu said the project is a sure way to end demeaning overdependence on famine relief.

She said sand dams will recharge boreholes and make them retain water longer.

Governor Julius Malombe said the initiative has a double advantage.

It will provide accessible water and support small-scale irrigation for food sufficiency.

He said Kitui government set aside an initial Sh160 million in the current budget to build the first 200 sand dams. He said President Uhuru Kenyatta had, during a June visit, pledged to support the project.

Malombe further said international donors had shown enthusiasm to support the project.

Story written by Musembi Nzengu and published in the Star on August 13, 2016.